4 Flying Dyneema Line Set (for Rage and Blade Kites)

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RECOMMENDED | Flexifoil Kite Flying Lines manufactured from Braided Dyneema for Rage, Blurr and Blade Kites | 2 x 440lb + 2 x 220lb 25m 4-Line Set | Provided on a specially designed Flat-8 kite line winder

VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE | Dyneema, known as the world’s strongest, lightest fibre – 15 times stronger than steel (Source: Marlow Ropes)

FOR LAND KITING ONLY | Cut the wind with these pre-stretched and specially adapted Flexifoil Kite Flying Lines to give enhanced speed and performance

LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE | With 46,354 Flexifoil Braided Dyneema Flying Line-Sets already sold across 96 countries we changed from a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee to a LIFETIME MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

SIR RICHARD BRANSON | Flexifoil Braided Dyneema is the same flying-line material used by Sir Richard when achieving 3 Successful Kiting World Records in 2012